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Lighthouse’s mentor program is

celebrating 10 years!

During that time, over 150 dynamic, insightful women have come together to share their unique business wisdom and life lessons with each other. So, do you long for a community of like-minded souls with whom to celebrate your successes and confidentially work through your challenges?

I’m Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse’s Founder and I’ve lovingly and meticulously put together a mentor program that makes a difference.  For 10 years, I’ve personally facilitated, guided and championed those participating to delve into what they want to achieve and nudge them forward.

The result is an award-winning mentor program that unites people from diverse backgrounds to support and uplift each other to greater success than they ever could have achieved on their own. And now, we are celebrating 10 years with all new content and format for you to break through barriers, chart your course and come together with an incredible peer network.

So, what if you could.....

Whether you’re just starting out in business, a seasoned business owner, or an
entrepreneurial spirit working for a company…
there’s a group for you in this mentor program.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Madelyn is healthy, active, has a good marriage and adores her two kids (even when they drive her crazy). And, she started her own business to have more freedom, only to discover she doesn’t make as much money as she’d like and wishes she could turn her work mind off more often. As a result, she feels overloaded and would like to have more control of her schedule. If only she could prioritize self-care, it would give her more energy but every time she tries to do that, something falls through the cracks. So, it’s easier to go along with the ‘status quo’ – after all, many have it much worse. Who is she to want more?

And then there is Sharon. In her 40s, her career is going well but she wonders what’s next? How long will she work for? Can she afford to wind it down in 10 years? She is healthy but feels that her body is changing – and so is her mind. She wants to quiet her inner critic, feel confident and not worry so much. She feels an inexplicable urge to live a more authentic life and develop habits to create peace and ease in her day. Sharon wants to feel more in control of the next few years and wants that before it’s too late.

Such different stories and yet, similarities in that both Madelyn and Sharon just want to make some changes.
Laurie Buchanan said it best:

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

A desire for change doesn’t make Madelyn and Sharon ungrateful – it just opens them up to forming a support network to nudge them towards more contentment, better health, greater results. To get answers even though the questions may not always be clear.

What You Can Expect From This Mentor Program

For 10 years, those participating in Lighthouse’s Mentor Program have raved about the benefits.  Keep reading to discover what makes this program different from the rest but meanwhile… here’s a glimpse at some of those benefits.

Is There a Mentor Group for Me?

Probably! However, one thing that makes Lighthouse’s mentor program so unique is the application and screening process.  Whereas other mentor programs often just onboard whoever signs up, I (as Lighthouse’s Founder) review every application to assess the best fit for the program.  I connect with applicants about what they may want from the program, whether it will provide what they need and most importantly, whether it will be a memorable and impactful journey for everyone involved.

Bottom line – this program sells out every year so if you are placed in one of the mentor groups, it is because I am 100% confident that it’s a good fit.  So, if for whatever reason you are not accepted, it is only to ensure that everyone in the program will get what they need.

On top of all that, the core expectations are that anyone joining the mentor groups:

  • bring a high regard for confidentiality and a commitment of mutual respect
  • are open to exploring, discovering and learning
  • have a willingness to give of themselves, their knowledge and their expertise
  • possess diverse skills and business knowledge to the group plus come from non-competing businesses
  • are committed to the mentor program’s guiding principles and code of conduct

Our most popular mentor offering, these groups provide female business owners (either start-up or more experienced entrepreneurs) with an intensive learning experience guaranteed to elevate business success.  Targeting the unique challenges and opportunities associated with being an entrepreneur, participants share and acquire knowledge with a strong focus on building a success mindset and personal mastery to achieve both business and personal goals.  

This group features everything offered in the other mentor groups but will focus on the unique challenges of women over 40 years of age. Whether wanting to transition to another career or retirement, adjusting to life with young children or the ‘empty nest syndrome’ or addressing health challenges unique to this stage of life – this group will equip and empower you with shared knowledge and tools to build abundance for this next life stage.

This is the only mentor group tailored to those innovative, employed individuals looking for personal and professional development and growth.  Sharing and acquiring knowledge will provide strategy and leadership skills to elevate your career success.  

How Does It Work?

I’ve designed this program for action, accountability and impact. And, while you will fill your toolkit with knowledge, inspiration and direction – you are not left on your own to fizzle out. This is a LIVE and COLLABORATIVE program. From February to May, you will work alongside your peers (and me!) in a dynamic, confidential environment – for connection and community and results!

Connect with Lighthouse Visionary

Online Learning Modules

Once a month, you will receive a new module with video and worksheets designed to be engaging and easy to implement for your own unique situation. You can log in anytime, work at your own pace but also have a network of peers to share, support and hold you accountable.  Plus, you’ll receive other goodies meant to inspire and motivate.



These optional, online coworking sessions are held monthly for everyone taking part in the mentor program. Coming together for a boost of focused productivity to work through the learning modules or on projects or tasks related to the goals you’ve set. This is your opportunity to get the most out of the mentor program with deliberate action. 

Mentor Group Participants


Participants are carefully screened and placed in small groups (maximum 6) with like-minded women committed to a culture of learning, support and positive impact. Meetings are held online or in person every 3 or 4 weeks to cover goals, key challenges with solution sharing and to weave in the transformational concepts and ideas from the learning modules.

What Else Can I Expect?

This mentor program is designed to be engaging, effective and to meet you at whatever stage you are at in life and business.
Click on ‘+’ to delve into how we do that!

Individual mentor groups will meet online or in person every 3 or 4 weeks during the mentor program season. Meeting days and times are reached by consensus to ensure that it works for everyone in your group. Unlike other programs that expect you to fit into a set schedule, Lighthouse’s mentor program actually works around your schedules!

Meeting agendas are designed to help you navigate through the challenges of your personal and professional aspirations.  Specific focus for these sessions will be on achieving the goals you set for the program, and acquiring the knowledge, resources, tools and strategies to move you more quickly to successful results.

Each group has maximum 6 participants that have been carefully pre-screened to ensure they:

  • come from non-competing businesses and industries
  • bring a high regard for confidentiality and a commitment of mutual respect
  • are willing to give of themselves, their knowledge and their expertise
  • possess diverse skills and business knowledge to the group
  • are committed to the mentor program’s guiding principles and code of conduct

All new this season are learning modules that will land in your inbox monthly. Super easy to navigate, these short and sweet (but powerful)  video sessions are designed to dig deep into topics that will empower you to make transformational changes in both personal and professional ways. Complete with worksheets that you can personalize to fit your unique wellness wheel, you’ll also receive additional goodies that will inspire and motivate. Scroll down for specifics on what you’ll find in the modules.

These are described above but in a nutshell, Lighthouse’s online coworking sessions are available monthly if you choose to join.  This is a space to come together with others in the mentor program (and me too!) for focused, productive time to work through your goals, projects, or learning modules. Designed for productivity, collaboration and support – this is your opportunity to get the most out of the mentor program.

Welcome Package with Lighthouse’s innovative 2-page Mentor Map system to achieve clarity of your vision, values and intentions. You’ll also receive a bevy of specially-designed exercises to set your personal and professional goals, as well as your objectives for the mentor program.

I am with you every single step of the way!  I attend every meeting and session as your guide and champion. As a trained facilitator and coach, my commitment and promise to you is equal participation, maximum accountability and depth of learning experience. You’ve heard of an ‘open door policy’ – that’s me!  Come at me with anything and everything.  

Written summary after every meeting with the action items you have committed to act on and any resources, tips and tools discussed during the session.

Accountability Partnerships is the cornerstone of this program – and one of the most popular features! This paradigm is formed within each mentor group to support, share progress and keep momentum going in between meetings. You will also be shown how to make the most of this partnership to move you towards success.

Private Facebook communities are formed within your mentor group to confidentially share resources, tools, knowledge and progress.

Exclusive access to the Lighthouse Mentor Connection, a private Facebook group of leaders and learners. This forum is a dynamic collective of past and present mentors (over 150 alumni) for access to widespread sharing of resources, tools, tips and knowledge. It’s also promotional power for your business or blog or whatever else you have going on.

Give Me Specifics

Brand new to the 2021 mentor program are foundational learning modules delivered via an online course that will guide you every step of the way.  Complemented with Lighthouse’s signature mentor meetings and coworking sessions, you are not left on your own to fizzle out.  With a blend of practical, no-nonsense tools and strategies — and a teeny bit of ‘woo-woo’ and wisdom immersed in there — you will shine a light on your barriers, manifest your potential and learn to be more loyal to you and your dreams than your fears. I know! It sounds intense but here is how we do it.

ModuleIcons1 1


Setting You Up for Success

We kick things off with a road map of what to expect, program guidelines and values. This module walks you through the entire program, enabling you to make the most of it. And, most importantly, to personalize it to your unique life and circumstances.



Celebrate & Recalibrate

Module 2 will set the foundation for what you want to create and achieve. Using a vast array of tools, you’ll explore self-reflection, quizzes to better understand yourself and others, celebrate your achievements, reload and plan for accountability.  Specially designed to delve into your personalized Wellness Wheel and give you everything you need to set personal and professional intentions — and develop goals that will move you forward.



Quiet Your Inner Critic & Follow Your Inner Mentor

Inner Teachers is presented in 2 segments that will elevate your abilities to learn from what’s already inside you.  Tried and true techniques to:

  • Quiet Your Inner Critic
  • Follow Your Inner Mentor
ModuleIcons4 2021


Meeting the Challenges

This is a meaty module with 4 segments that will cover the barriers and hazards that we all experience.  While we all experience them (or at the very least some of them), how we allow them to guide us is highly personal. At any rate, the barriers dim our light and manifest in ways that ultimately hold us back.

  • Segment 1 – Your Relationship with Praise & Criticism
  • Segment 2 – The Gift of Fear
  • Segment 3 – Hiding – Excuses & Cover-ups
  • Segment 4 – The Power of Language: Communicate with Confidence


Making the Right Choices for Lasting Change

This wrap-up module will focus on setting the stage to move forward.  Specifically, to use these tools and knowledge to create change and sustainable impact for the life you deserve and want!

Plus These BONUSES!



You will be supported, nurtured and held accountable on this 6 month journey. I won't let you get stuck. You'll be prompted via email, regular connection and your community of peers. I will personally provide spotlight coaching to answer your questions and move you forward.
I've got you covered!



You will receive a bevy of specially designed tools, resources & worksheets that will guide you through everything. And, because we work best in short, digestible learning, the course modules and exercises are designed to be effective and actionable. You can login anytime and learn at your own pace with a back-up of support available if you need it.

Why is this Mentor Program Different?

Pandemic Pricing

To support you during these tough times, we are offering reduced prices from past programs and a payment structure to pay as you can. Because.... you need this more than ever before!



Non-refundable deposit due January 4, 2020



Due by April 30, 2021 - pay as you can

$650 / entire mentor season

*prices do not include GST

Mentor Program Application Deadline is January 4, 2021 with limited space available

Mentor Program Application Timeline


January 21, 2021



February 1, 2021

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