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I’ve always found comfort in words.  As a child, I was a voracious reader and had an intuitive inkling that I would always put pen to paper.  That passion only grew.  During my entrepreneurial journey, I had a 14-year stint writing a business column for the Whistler Question newspaper.  After that, I’ve written feature stories for the Pique NewsmagazineMy blogs are also on YOU Inc, Small Business BC and Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Through my writing, I can share my experience as an entrepreneur having built two successful businesses. Starting, growing and selling my first business was a definite career highlight.  After that, as a coach and mentor at Lighthouse, I can blend my stories with those of my clients (confidentially, of course) – the challenges, the hurdles, the victories and everything in between.  What works. What doesn’t work.

So, please enjoy those stories.  On these virtual pages, you will find my blogs on three categories: Work, Wisdom and Wealth.  You can scroll through all of them below or click on the categories to take you directly to topics in that area.  You’ll find subjects that cover everything from strategic planning, working from a home office to grief, financial wellness and being sober curious. My approach to writing is filled with facts, but also wrapped in whimsical theories and frank honesty. 

But, writing is not a solo act because it should inspire ideas and conversation. It’s not lost on me that I often see things differently than others. So, tell me what you think.  Share in the comments or reach out anytime.

Oh and if you’re keen to guest blog, please let me know.  I’m willing to share quality content from experienced writers if it fits with Lighthouse’s messaging and our target audience. Just send me your bio and a sample of your blog and we can connect from there.

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How to Stop Worrying

I am full of worry.  Aren’t we all?  After all, we are experiencing what will be one of the most significant periods in our lives – the COVID-19 pandemic. But, I needed to get that under control and here is what I discovered about how to stop worrying. WHAT I WORRY ABOUT First, let me share just some of the things I worry about. I worry about people getting sick.  Both those I know and those I don’t know. And, I worry that people still don’t get it.  That they aren’t doing what is necessary to keep themselves safe, to keep others safe and to get us on the other side of this pandemic. Then there is worry about my personality changing. That I’m too judgmental, losing my willingness to trust, dimming my light. I

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8 Essential Strategies for Your Pandemic Survival

We aren’t even half way through the year and yet, I think we all know what 2020 will be remembered for.  Most certainly, this year will be memorialized as the one where we were all challenged with the immense responsibility to avoid spreading a particularly dangerous virus. I’m sharing 8 essential strategies for your pandemic survival because we all need a dose of inspiration at this point. For some, the demand to stop everything has been a welcome respite from chaotic schedules. For others, it may have been a struggle to manage this state of isolation.  Either way, desperate times call for desperate measures and we all need a pandemic survival guide. HOW PEOPLE ARE ADAPTING There seem to be two camps of people that are using very different coping techniques to make it through

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How to Choose a Slow Living Lifestyle

We all have choices to make. However, our current state of slow living wasn’t one of those choices.  And yet, it resonates in so many ways.  It feels that things are moving in slow motion.  Certainly, many are struggling to get some momentum.  Others are grateful for the respite to rest. Moving forward, perhaps we need to learn how to choose a slow living lifestyle. After several weeks of staying home, the uncertainty of it all remains. How long will this go on? And, that ambiguity leads to other questions:  “When it’s over, how do we integrate back into the world? What will normal look like in a post-pandemic world? Will I be different?  What will I remember from this experience? Can I keep semblance of a slower lifestyle moving forward?” In her Sunday Paper

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The Allure of Poetry

In my earlier years, the allure of poetry was always strong.  So, when asked to write essays in high school English classes, I would sometimes submit poems to tell the story.  However, some teachers welcomed my creative approach with praise, whilst others didn’t appreciate rule-breaking behavior. I continued to write poetry well into my 30s.  Then, I stopped. Reinspired to Write Again Most importantly, I’ve recently been re-inspired by the founder of a facilitation course I’ve been taking.  Tara Mohr has shared her magical poems during this global pandemic.  Certainly, poetry can lull our nervous systems into a calmer rhythm.  And, it can remove us from fear and transport us into another realm. As Mohr says, “poetry can connect us to a more intuitive place in ourselves, a place of vast knowing – the deeper

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Grieving the Loss of Normalcy

The discomfort you’re feeling is grief.  That was the title of a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article.  And it is a new reality because many of us are actually grieving the loss of normalcy during this pandemic. Not to mention the loss of so many others things: financial, emotional, mental and physical. David Kessler, a leading expert on grief is interviewed in the HBR article. Kessler co-wrote with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross a legendary book on the topic: On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief through the Five Stages of Loss.  This book revolutionized the five stages of grief.  

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12 Best Tips for Working From Home

With the coronavirus pandemic pushing everyone to work remotely, I’m sharing my 12 best tips for working from home.  I’ve been working remotely for years.  And I do like it for the most part.  However, I’ve had to develop good habits to ensure I am happy, healthy and productive. There is tons of information on this topic right now but you might just find some ideas that others haven’t shared.  Be sure to check the BONUS TIPs too.   12 Best Tips for Working from Home So here you go. 12 best tips for working from home to ensure you are productive and healthy in every way. CREATE AND MAINTAIN A WORK SCHEDULE AND REGULAR ROUTINE. The days blur into the evenings when working from home. Therefore, set a schedule of when you will work

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