One-on-One Coaching


Coaching is a hot trend but, bottom line – it is only effective in a partnership that works. I’m Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse’s Founder and my unwavering goal is to help you create YOUR ideal plan designed around the life that you want to lead.

Whether starting or running a business, contemplating a career change or going through one of life’s transitional stages – I’ve designed coaching packages to guide you through it all. You’ll even find affordable Do-It-Yourself options!

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Imagine If You....

  • Discovered once and for all WHAT you want, HOW to achieve it and WHY it matters.
  • Had a road map with clear strategies to accomplish your goals– like creating an action plan, or getting on top of your financial woes or, jumpstarting your health goals – and were actually applying it to your life.
  • Had a cheerleader that would help you figure it out and, dole out real solutions with the perfect mix of gentle encouragement, tough love, and ‘get it done’ inspiration.
  • Abandoned the illusion of balance and instead, created a life that blends your priorities with a toolkit that fits your unique needs.
  • Broke through self-limiting barriers – learned to say no, dropped self-guilt and self-doubt, kicked procrastination and perfection to the curb, and put your oxygen mask on first to better serve yourself (and ultimately, those around you too).

I’m here to help you make the change, do the work, get the results.

What I Believe In

First, I believe coaching is a partnership that creates a win-win. That means that you get what you need (even if you don’t know what that is at the beginning) and my success is based on you being successful.

Beyond that, I believe….

  • Everyone is unique and therefore, cookie-cutter coaching makes it about the coach and not about you. I believe in fully customizing my approach so you get what you need.
  • We all have our own light to shine.
  • That we have to craft a plan that fits with our unique stage of life – that will probably look different if you’re a mom, launching a business, or climbing the corporate ladder….. yup, back to that no cookie-cutter approach.
  • Work-life balance is an illusion whereas work-life blend can give you happiness in your work, wellness in your daily life, and peace of mind in your thoughts.
  • That our history matters because it sets the stage for our life experiences but we can change our story for our present and future.
  • We need to put on our own oxygen mask first to be our best self for those around us.
  • Change happens from the inside out and that means being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears-

Do you believe in any of those things? Then let’s delve deeper.

Customized Coaching Packages

My unique, inspirational, and proven process is a hybrid of coaching and mentoring methods — designed to give you everything you need to achieve your personal and business goals. I use specially designed tools and customized coaching techniques but can also act as your mentor, giving sound business advice to help you on your journey.  I offer one-on-one coaching options for you to choose from or we can customize something for your unique needs.

Here’s what is included in all COACHING PACKAGES. Just click on ‘+’ for more detail in each area.

Coaching sessions with your choice of either online or (if local to Whistler) in-person formats. Agendas will be sent out prior to sessions to maximize our time together.

Recording of all coaching sessions (if conducted online).

Follow-up emails after each coaching session with action items to complete and a bevy of resources, tips, templates, tools – whatever you need to achieve your goals. Optional online task lists via Asana or platform of choice for us to share with each other for accountability!

Checkpoint outreach to keep you on track – either via email or text, depending on your preference.

Lighthouse’s specially designed templates and workbooks are used depending on your unique needs to provide a tangible approach to creating your own road map. Action planning processes will also align with your personal and professional goals.

Me – Cathy as your guide and champion. I will light the way to align your values with your purpose, chart your course and support you in a confidential, safe (and fun!) partnership. That includes small business and life advice, as well as a bounty of resources and tools to meet your needs.

Unlimited email access to me during the coaching period.

Once any coaching package is completed, optional monthly coaching support is available at discounted rates. Should you choose to continue on, we can discuss what that looks like.

Free optional enrollment in Lighthouse Mentor Connection, a private Facebook community of dynamic leaders and learners.

Which Coaching Package is Right for You?

Browse through these coaching packages.  Click ‘+’ for brief details and if it sounds like you, hit ‘TELL ME MORE’ to delve deeper.

Are you feeling stuck? Wanting to move from just ‘being’ to actually ‘doing’? With a combination of coaching sessions, resources, tools, and savvy advice, the Explorer Coaching Package will help you clarify your purpose, values, and direction. If you are ready for increased and sustained success and happiness, let’s come together to make that happen. Everything in this offering is designed to guide you through exploring where you’ve been, identifying where you want to go, and determining how you’re going to get there.



Whether you’re just starting out with a fantastic idea, or you’ve been in business for many years, this is Lighthouse’s most popular coaching package for those that want to create a targeted course of action for their business success. We will work through Lighthouse’s innovative and comprehensive Navigator Business M.A.P. (Master Action Plan) System as a platform to create a detailed strategic plan with marketing, financial and operational goals to drive business growth for future years. This offering comes with BONUS email support for 30 days following completion of the Navigator coaching package to support you for success during implementation. The end result will be a simple, yet concise business plan and strategy to create the business you want. Most importantly, it will be a plan you’ll actually use.



Are you passionate about living a life with purpose? Do you want to better identify and leverage your unique qualities and strengths? Maybe you want to be a bit happier, more fulfilled, at peace? Crave more free time? Have a desire to build community and networks that fill you up? A combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, followed up with monthly motivational power hours will bring you back to your original intentions (to refocus), your goals (to reignite them), your achievements (to celebrate them), your challenges (to overcome them) and hold you accountable every single step of the way. And now, we are throwing in Lighthouse’s popular Mindset Game Plan online course to help you cut through limiting barriers and pilot you to add amazing techniques moving you to be more focused on your dreams than your fears. The Illuminator package is all about lasting change, impact and results.



Sometimes you just need what you need. And, sometimes you don’t know what you need. If you want a one-off coaching session that is short, sweet and super impactful – we can create that for you. Together, we can design a plan, get you ‘unstuck’ and nudge you forward. Curious as to what that can look like? Let’s connect for a free 15-minute power chat to see what might work for you.

Need More Details?

Let’s discuss what you want to achieve, get all your questions answered and explore what working together can look like.

Set your Intentions

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