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Creating content and designing solutions to help you on your journey are my superpowers. I've curated a treasure trove of tools, online courses and free resources so choose as many as you want!

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Online Courses

Click on the images below to learn more about Lighthouse’s online courses. You’ll also find these offerings under Work With Me but, I’ve included them here so you can browse all of Lighthouse’s offerings in one convenient place.


Lighthouse’s Journaling Community

The most recent brainchild of Lighthouse's Founder, Illuminating Words is a safe space to explore your world through writing, creativity and reflection. You'll receive journal prompts to guide you in unexpected ways and a community of like-minded people to encourage and support. You do NOT have to be a writer. An open mind, open heart and curiosity are the only requirements.


Bid Farewell to 2023 FREE Online Workshop

This free online gathering has become an annual Lighthouse tradition. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, glass of wine or whatever your fave apres beverage is – log in on Wednesday December 6th at 4:00 pm PST and Lighthouse's Founder, Cathy Goddard will guide you through a specially designed worksheet as you actually do the work. That’s accountability! During an introspective 90 minutes, you will reflect on 2023, celebrate the wins and help shape how you pursue happiness and success in the new year. Sign up today!

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Mindset Game Plan Online Course

The Mindset Game Plan program is Lighthouse's most popular offering. This online course provides tangible, innovative techniques to manage obstacles that so commonly hold us back. Choose the self-directed online course to work at your own pace or opt for one-on-one coaching support to amp up accountability. Either way, you'll fill your toolkit with knowledge and inspiration.

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Set Your Intentions Online Course

Lighthouse’s online course is packed with introspective power, specially designed exercises and step-by-step guidance to set intentions to live your best life. As a result, it’s a self-guided course to do at your own pace but with rock-solid guidance along the way. And people come back to it year after year to craft their plans for their best life. You will too!

Free Downloads

Browse through these free downloads and get instant access today. Help yourself to as many as you like!

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Wellness Wheel

Create your own Wellness Wheel to give yourself a foundation intended to spotlight areas that you may want to focus on. It’s all about using your energy where it will serve you best.

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Your Relationship with Money

This worksheet will dig into your Money Blueprint. You will work through how you feel about money, and some of the reasons for those emotions. It also sets the intention of how you would like to be in your relationship with money moving forward.

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Treasure Map

Ready to capture your goals and intentions? Lighthouse’s Treasure Map will help chart your course for the life you deserve. Get started with this free download and a couple special bonuses too!

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Design your 25-Hour Workweek

Would you ultimately like to manage your time to work more efficiently in less hours? This eye-opening worksheet guides you through a process that will get you there.

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Values Exercise

This worksheet will guide you through identifying your values but even more importantly, the second part will shine a spotlight on why they matter and how to live your life in alignment.

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Two-Page Business Plan

You need a plan to run your business but it doesn't need to be complicated. This easy-to-use business planning template is short, simple and yet doles out powerful intentions for what you want to create in your business. Download it for free today!

Lighthouse's Blog

With topics covering everything from being an entrepreneur, setting goals and networking to grief, letting go of guilt and procrastination…… Lighthouse’s blog offers tangible, solutions-oriented strategies and information.

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