Illuminating Words

Lighthouse's Journaling Community

Illuminating Words is Lighthouse’s Journaling Community and the latest brainchild of me – Cathy Goddard!

I have found comfort in words since I was a child, using writing to make sense of the world. My journals have helped me to see life through a broader lens and to decipher true meaning, build resilience, practice patience and ground me in my values and dreams. And, perhaps most importantly, journaling helps me to slow down, hit pause and live an authentic life.

Over the years, my writing has reached a broader audience through newspaper columns and Lighthouse’s blog. As a result, one of the most common things people say to me: “I would love to be able to write”.  Well, you can.

And, here is your chance to do just that.


Tell Me More

Illuminating Words is a safe space to explore your world through writing, creativity and reflection. Journaling is a practice that is productive, personal and without pressure. You can explore, express and understand yourself through the words you write. It will intrinsically be whatever you want it to be. 

And, you do NOT have to be a ‘writer’. You just have to join with an open mind, open heart and curiosity. This community is a welcoming place that will cultivate accountability and encourage clarity. You can share or choose to keep your writing to yourself.

Illuminating Words is for anyone wanting to experience the benefits and power of journaling. Beyond that, it is my hope that joining Lighthouse’s journaling community for 3 months (and beyond if you like) will provide you with thoughtful introspection, written reflection and self-compassion.  Whether you are reluctant, apprehensive or simply curious, these 90 days are a permission slip to open your heart and to write without filters.

Here's How It Works

Lighthouse’s Journaling Community is a 3-month commitment that starts on September 1st. During the initial 90 days, you will have unlimited access to the Illuminating Words journaling series via an easy-to-access online platform that is available to you 24/7. You’ll find everything is set out to guide you through the practice of journaling. After 3 months is up, you can renew monthly – again and again.  

Here’s a glimpse of what that includes.


The Illuminating Words journaling series kicks off with a Welcome Module to fully immerse you in the practice of journaling. You can take it as deep as you want…or just grab the motivation that you need. Remember – journaling is productive, personal and without pressure. You’ll explore different styles of journaling, the benefits and set a foundation for your experience. 


An email reminder will land in your inbox every Saturday morning with your new journal prompt. Journal themes will also be available to inspire ‘thinking outside the box’ but it’s up to you whether you use them or just journal what’s in your heart. You may be surprised though…. people often end up working within these themes to open up creativity, problem solving and heart-provoking thoughts. 


Monthly online gatherings will be available to share stories and offer inspiration to stoke your writing. And, a private Facebook community will provide ongoing connection to boost encouragement and foster accountability.  Beyond that, we will delve into dialogue around small moments of joy to uplift each other and share a-ha moments from your writing experiences. 


Two bonus journal prompts every month if you’re on a writing roll.


Tips, tools and ideas to stoke creativity, break through writing blocks and quiet your inner critic.


Cathy is available to guide, inspire, advise and share during this journaling journey.

You'll Walk Away With.....

$59 for 3 months of Illuminating Words!

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$59 for 3 months of Illuminating Words!

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