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All about Lighthouse Visionary Strategies – I’m Cathy Goddard and am happy you are here checking me out. I specialize in one-on-one coaching and group mentorship for women (and some men too) who want to craft a life for their own unique needs. Above all, my proven process is a hybrid of coaching and mentoring methods – created to give you everything you need to achieve your business goals and lifestyle dreams.

Although I use specially designed tools and traditional coaching methods, I don’t do ‘cookie cutter’. Instead, I personalize this experience to guide you to discover and sail your own unique path. As an experienced entrepreneur, I’m also happy to act as your mentor, giving sound advice to help you on your journey. But, if a group environment is what you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered with Lighthouse’s award-winning mentor program

So, that’s me.  What about you?  It’s important to get what YOU need.  To do that, follow this 7-step guide to find the right coach for you.

Finally, let me say that a lighthouse is the perfect symbol to chart your journey. Working together, we create a solid foundation and build from there to identify your beacon (your unique qualities and voice), map out your path (the steps and intentions) to reach your vision (igniting your inner light). Along the way, we will determine what knowledge and tools you need to get you there and break down the barriers that keep you from rising up.

All About Lighthouse Visionary Strategies:
The Lighthouse Concept




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I completely customize my services for YOU based on your business, your personality
and your own unique needs using this Lighthouse Concept.

You’re Here Because You:

What Makes Lighthouse Programs Different?

Sound like you?

Give me 60 days and I’ll light the way with tools, resources, knowledge and encouragement.

Kickstart Your Journey

Here are some awesome (and free) ways to fill your knowledge toolkit and kickstart your journey.

My specially designed free treasure map will set the foundation for you to chart your own unique course

Come and join the dialogue and sharing with this incredible collective of inspirational women

My blog & newspaper column dole out real life advice to build your work, wisdom & wealth.

Meet Lighthouse’s Founder

“We all have our very own unique brilliance. Don’t hide yours. Quiet your inner critic and let your light shine.”

Cathy Goddard

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A Message From Cathy

I’m so happy you’re here. I believe in living a life that lights you up and my unwavering mission is to champion you to reach your dreams…. whatever they may be. What does that mean? Keep reading.

Who I Work With

So, you want a great life. Happiness and satisfaction mean a lot in your world. You might be a bit stuck personally or professionally and have a desire to get unstuck. And, you want to enjoy your work. You may need to talk career or business strategy that gets you results. Above all, you are open ~ love ideas ~ want tools and resources that fit your unique stage of life. As a result, you want a trusting coach/mentor/partner that will be honest, compassionate, understanding but will also challenge you and hold you accountable. That is my ideal client because I know I can make a difference.

What I Do

All about Lighthouse Visionary Strategies and what I do.  Lighthouse offers a unique blend of coaching and mentoring services to those ready and committed to chart their next course. Certainly, with depth of hard-won business experience, I inspire leaders and learners who struggle with creating a plan for the future and have options to work one-on-one or within a group environment if you’d rather. Using Lighthouse’s powerful paradigm of knowledge sharing, networking, connections, accountability and insightful resources, I help you create the business and life of your dreams.

Who I Am

After starting, building and selling a successful employment agency in Whistler, British Columbia (1995 – 2008), I turned my focus to creating Lighthouse Visionary Strategies. Therefore, I know firsthand the highs and lows, the immense joys and bitter challenges in owning and growing a business. Certainly, I know how frustrating, how lonely and isolating, it can be to work on and in your business day after day. And, I know how uplifting, motivating and inspiring it can be to have a champion – a mentor, coach, or a group of colleagues – on your side. THAT is why I created Lighthouse Visionary Strategies.

Whether through coaching, facilitating team sessions or nurturing Lighthouse’s innovative mentor program, I bring
unsurpassed enthusiasm, sound knowledge and tangible, collaborative solutions to my clients.

Want to know more? Here is my full bio.

My Promise

My commitment is to be there for you through thick and thin. Above all, to share my business and life lessons, to serve as a cheerleader or a shoulder depending on what is needed. Whether you share good news or bad, I’ll tell you what
you need to hear. It might be a reassuring word of encouragement… a probing question… or perhaps a gentle nudge (or well-positioned shove!) in the direction you really need to go.

I’m on your side and anyone who knows me will tell you—I’ll go above and beyond to help you succeed.

So, I encourage you to take a look around this site, or get in touch for a “get to know you” conversation to see how Lighthouse can serve you.

Let’s Shine.