Mindset Game Plan

An Online Course, Tools & Inspiration to
Eliminate Obstacles & Develop An Abundance Mindset

The Mindset Game Plan program is Lighthouse’s most popular offering. This online course provides tangible and innovative techniques to manage obstacles that so commonly hold us back.

Two options are available to suit your unique needs: a self-directed online course to work through at your own pace or the possibility of having Lighthouse’s Founder walk the journey with you for support and accountability. Either way, when you’re done you will fill your toolkit with knowledge, inspiration and fulfillment.

Yes you can......

Here’s the thing.  Laurie Buchanan said it best:

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

Two Options to Choose From

The Mindset Game Plan offers foundational learning modules delivered in an online course that will guide you every step of the way.  And, because we all work best in short digestible learning, the course modules and exercises are designed to be effective and actionable. Two options allow you to choose whether you want to learn at your own pace or opt for coaching support if you need it. Either option comes with a blend of practical, no-nonsense tools and strategies — and a teeny bit of ‘woo-woo’ and wisdom immersed in there. You will shine a light on your barriers, manifest your potential and learn to be more loyal to you and your dreams than your fears. This program has been transformational for others and it will be for you too.

Keep reading for more details on each option and to take a peek at the module content.

Self-Guided Online Course

Download Today and Start Anytime

The perfect option if you want to tackle the Mindset Game Plan course on your own. This program has a toolkit with a plan of action, self-guided online sessions, video instruction and worksheets. You’ll find thought-provoking inspiration infused throughout. Introspective modules are broken into digestible lessons designed for impact, complete with rock-solid instructions and guidance to determine what you want for a life of purpose, ease and fulfillment. You will unearth tangible techniques to break through common barriers that hold so many of us back. And, although you’ll work through it on your own, you aren’t fully left on your own. Lighthouse’s Founder Cathy Goddard is available to answer any questions for 30 days after purchase. 

DOWNLOAD IT TODAY and get started when you’re ready.

Online Course & Coaching

Accountability Built In!

This option is Lighthouse’s most popular choice because it comes with the Mindset Game Plan’s innovative tools and techniques plus 4 hours coaching and unlimited email communication to take things deeper. While you will work through the video instruction and worksheets in an easy-to-use online platform, Lighthouse’s Founder Cathy Goddard will follow along answering questions and offering accountability as needed. This option will give insight into what makes you tick, what holds you back and exactly how to determine what you want to live your own best life. Once you sign up, you will set up a convenient schedule with Cathy to ensure accountability.

Limited space available and as always, fit is important so this option includes a 15-minute FREE CONSULTATION before signing up.

A Peek Inside The Modules

The Mindset Game Plan offers foundational learning modules delivered in an online course that will guide you every step of the way.  And, because we all work best in short digestible learning, the course modules and exercises are designed to be effective and actionable. Please note that this online course is always being enhanced with additional topics so the content in each module may change.

ModuleIcons1 1


Setting You Up for Success

We kick things off with a road map of what to expect, program guidelines and values. This module walks you through the entire program, enabling you to make the most of it. And, most importantly, to personalize it to your unique life and circumstances.



Celebrate & Recalibrate

Module 2 will set the foundation for what you want to create and achieve. Using a vast array of tools and your personalized Wellness Wheel, you’ll explore self-reflection, quizzes to better understand yourself and others, celebrate your achievements, reload and plan for accountability.



Inner Critic ~ Inner Mentor ~ Inner Child

This module was life changing for those participating in previous programs.  Specially designed with transformational tools to elevate your abilities to learn from what’s already inside you.  Tried and true techniques to: Quiet Your Inner Critic; Follow Your Inner Mentor and Awaken Your Inner Child.

ModuleIcons4 2021


Develop an Abundance Mindset

This is a meaty module that will cover the barriers and hazards that we commonly experience.  While we all experience them (or at the very least some of them), how we allow them to guide us is highly personal. At any rate, the barriers dim our light and manifest in ways that ultimately hold us back. You’ll explore:  Your Relationship with Praise & Criticism; The Gift of Fear; Setting Boundaries and The Power of Language: Communicate with Confidence. Beyond that, we will tackle topics like breaking through guilt, saying no and getting rid of your people pleasing ways! 



Making the Right Choices for Lasting Change

This wrap-up module will focus on setting the stage to move forward.  Specifically, to use these tools and knowledge to create change and sustainable impact for the life you deserve and want!

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