Your Treasure Map

Thank you so much for reaching out.

I’m so happy that you landed here.  I’m a connector, collaborator and champion of leaders and learners on a mission to help you cut through the noise and clutter of life.  I’ve spent my career crafting, honing and simplifying tools that make a difference.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE if you’ve been wanting:

  • to design your unique plan with a road map, solid advice and transformational accountability along the way
  • to stop feeling pressured to be more, do more, want more and instead, just want to live YOUR best life
  • to feel more productive, focused, joyful, lighter, action-oriented.

Get Started with Your Own Treasure Map

To get you started, here is your Treasure Map, a template to chart your very own, unique path. Please block quiet time in your calendar and work through the parts of this map to explore what you want to create for your future.

And because our VALUES set the foundation of everything we do, I’m sending this BONUS exercise. This isn’t your typical ‘choose your values’ approach. My version will guide you to identify your values and most importantly, give them context through a clarification piece.  That last part makes all the difference!

Don’t get stuck on this — I’m here to help so reach out anytime.

So Who is Cathy Goddard?

I won’t keep you reading here because you can get to know me and what I stand for right here. But I will take this opportunity to tell you that whether through coaching, facilitating team sessions or nurturing Lighthouse’s innovative mentor program, I bring unsurpassed enthusiasm, sound knowledge and tangible, collaborative solutions to my clients. You’ll look far and wide to find someone more committed to results. That’s why if you need an extra nudge, I just launched my first ever online course to Set Your Intentions for Your Best Life.  It starts with the tools you’ve just received and builds on them with a host of others, plus rock-solid instructions to craft a plan with meaning, depth and accountability.  For just $27 and lifetime access, it is crazy value that will have you crafting your BEST life.

What To Expect From Me

I’m proud of my community and honored that you have decided to join it.  I send out a newsletter approximately once a month – or not.  If I have something exciting to share, then you’ll hear from me but I don’t land in your inbox unless I’m jazzed about something. For other ways to connect, I deliver up to date and fun content over at FacebookInstagramPinterest and LinkedIn. And my writings are published in newspapers, guest posts and right here on my BLOG.

And One Small Favour

Tell me – what is your struggle right now? What is holding you back from living your best life? From being really happy? Successful in your work? I want to know so I can delve deeper to share solutions.

Let’s Shine!
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Cathy Goddard
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Set your Intentions

for your best life