The Best Way To Start Journaling

the best way to start journaling

I’m on a mission to spread the word on the best way to start journaling. I’m a lifelong journaler. From the earliest years, my innermost feelings were safeguarded in a blue faux leather diary complete with lock and key.  In hindsight, it didn’t really secure anything since the rickety lock was nothing more than a … Read more

9 Simple Tips to Achieve Goals

9 simple tips to achieve goals

It’s July! That means half the year is gone but it also means that half the year is still to come. If you are one of the many people feeling that you aren’t achieving what you wanted to this year, you’re not alone. And even if you’re tracking fairly well so far, these 9 simple … Read more

4 Steps to Reset Your 2023 Goals


We are already halfway through 2023! I know I’m not the only one that feels like this year has whizzed by. Once we hit this point though, it’s a great time to look back at what we had planned when we started setting goals for the new year. Certainly, a process helps so here are … Read more

4 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty


In both my coaching practice and mentor program, guilt is a common topic.  Undoubtedly, we’ve all felt it. A sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs. A sleepless night.  Perhaps when we made a mistake or let someone down.  Or when we set boundaries or ruminate too deeply on the past. As an emotion, … Read more

5 Stages of Goal Achievement

5 stages of goal achievement

Whether through my coaching practice or those participating in my mentor program, clients often share that they are really good at setting goals but then…… they fizzle out. Understandably, that is met with frustration and confusion. But, understanding the 5 stages of goal achievement goes a long way to keep us moving through each phase. … Read more

Spark Your Sense of Wonder

spark your sense of wonder

Have you ever wanted to spark your sense of wonder? I love the word ‘wonder’.  I also feel that I have a good sense of wonder.  I charge at full speed and then hard stop….. something beautiful catches my eye.  A bird foraging for sustenance. A moody sky looming dark and misty in the distance. … Read more

4 Steps to Design Your Personal Manifesto

4 steps to design your personal manifesto

My theme for 2023 is TIME.  For me, my theme is a constant source of inspiration that carries me through the year.  It gives me clarity on what I want to achieve, how I want to live and provides a beacon for easy decision making. But, words are just words unless we give them context and … Read more

How To Reflect on Last Year and Set Goals for the New Year

how to reflect on last year and set goals for the new year

Starting a new year can feel overwhelming but it’s all about how to reflect on last year and set goals for the new year.  Time to move forward. Ironically, a powerful way to do that is to start with self-reflection. So, set aside time to assess your personal and professional development over the past year … Read more

3 Steps to Successful Goal Setting

3 steps to successful goal setting

I’m keeping it simple here with 3 steps to successful goal setting but first, let’s tackle the fact that setting goals is a hot trend.  And, not setting goals is a hot trend.  No matter whether you follow the mainstream adages or not, there is no denying that it’s a good feeling to start the … Read more

4 Ways to Stop Procrastination

4 ways to stop procrastination

Even the most productive, capable people can hit a horrific snag in their lives —- it’s called procrastination.  I am that ‘get it done’ type of person that loves productivity!  However, sometimes I hit a concrete wall where I can’t make my way through some task or project.  And, I don’t take it at all … Read more