Reclaim Your Time and Reduce Overwhelm


That’s right – reclaim your time and reduce overwhelm. Tell me this – are you happy with how you spend your time? Or does a sense of overwhelm regularly dominate your week? Maybe you often feel one step behind because there aren’t enough hours in a day?  How often does the word ‘busy’ seep into your conversations and mindset? You can read about the perils of falling into the trap of ‘busy, busy, busy’ right here

Overwhelmed Schedule = Underwhelmed Soul

One of my fave influencers is Dr. Libby and she asks:

“Is your overwhelmed schedule leading you to live your life with an underwhelmed soul? And do you long to change this?”

Change doesn’t come easily but I can’t believe that anyone is happy jeopardizing their well-being for a lifestyle of chaos and constant overwhelm.  What if you could reclaim some of your time?  It’s unique for everyone, and of course we all have different capacities for space but we can all make changes to better serve ourselves.

How to Reclaim Your Time and Create Space

One of the shifts I see in my most successful clients is when they adjust their mindset to choose what I call space and grace.  And over and over (and over) again, it comes down to two essential things:  letting go and realism.
Letting go means many things.  It requires not being everything to everyone, prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, saying no and not allowing guilt to seep in.
Introducing realism into the equation means being pragmatic, establishing priorities and introducing concepts that support you to stay the course.
One of those concepts is being clear about time – how you actually spend it and how you want to spend it.   Whether you want to work less hours or just be more mindful in your daily life, I’ve designed this amazing (and free) worksheet to illuminate your own unique plan. 

Let me be clear – this is not constructed to deprive you of a Saturday morning of Netflix.  If that is your chosen version of down time, fill your boots. Instead, it is lovingly created to help you work a 25-hour work week or to amp up your productivity in bursts – whatever it means to regain control of the 168 hours you have in a week.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

And now, I want to hear from you.

Are you realistic with how you spend your time? How do you embrace letting go? What changes can you make so as not to get swept up in life’s demands and to reclaim your time and reduce overwhelm? 
And of course, please tackle this worksheet to create your 25 hour workweek and share your discoveries with me.  You will love it!!!
Let’s Shine!

I’m Cathy Goddard, the founder of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, offering customized one-on-one coaching, an award-winning mentor program and innovative online programs. You can learn more about me right here. If you’re looking for leading edge strategies and accountability to build the life and business you want, let’s work together. Explore what that looks like for your unique circumstances.

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