How To Salvage The Rest of 2020


September is my favorite month.  Here in Whistler, it’s often an extension of summer but without the crowds.  😎 🍁 But, nothing is predictable this year, is it? As we head into fall, uncertainty still looms. When will this pandemic end?  How do I manage the times when it feels so heavy? When I am full of worry? It’s not too late though. Here is how to salvage the rest of 2020.

A Kick-Ass Strategy to Make Fall 2020 Count

In June, I started using a technique to tap into my inner child.  🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️  🤸‍♀️  Wait, what? Stay with me because it’s really quite simple and not nearly as ‘woo-woo’ as it sounds. In fact, I’ve developed variations of this practice over the years, infusing them into both my coaching practice and in Lighthouse’s mentor program with incredible results.

But, this new concept that I’m about to share is a combination of ideas pulled from Gretchen Rubin and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Magazine.  Both Gretchen and Joanna inspire me with their quests for happiness in life’s simple things.

Start with this

First, ask yourself this helpful question:

“What did I do for fun when I was ten years old?”

Why ten years old? Because, research shows that ten is when we learn how to be good girls and good boys. In her book ‘Untamed’, Glennon Doyle writes: “Ten is when children begin to hide who they are in order to become what the world expects them to be.”

Further, Doyle shares that “ten is when the world sat me down, told me to be quiet, and pointed toward my cages:

  • These are the feelings you are allowed to express.
  • This is how a woman should act.
  • This is the body you must strive for.
  • These are the things you will believe.
  • These are the people you can love.
  • Those are the people you should fear.
  • This is the kind of life you are supposed to want.”

Yikes! Maybe you relate and maybe you don’t. Certainly, you are free to revise that age to suite you.  When was a super happy time for you?  If ten wasn’t the best then change it up to ask yourself:  “What did I do for fun when I was fifteen years old?”

The point is that many of the things we enjoyed as children are things that we will enjoy doing now – even if in a grown-up version.

So, go ahead and make a list of hobbies or activities that you may have forgotten. Perhaps you enjoyed certain crafts, bike riding, reading, colouring? Did you play music? Go fishing?

The Next Step

Then, choose a word or theme that you would like to define this season.  From there, fill in the blanks for these two statements:

It wouldn’t be the fall season without ______

This fall I want to try ____

Above all, don’t censor yourself.  Abandon thoughts of whether you have the time or can afford it.  Dream it on to the paper.  As a result, you will find a bunch of different ideas that you can adapt into action. And, the rest you can save for another time.

The Last Step

Okay, last step on how to salvage the rest of 2020.  Finally, write down your ‘Don’t Miss Moments’. Imagine it is winter and you’re looking back on the fall.  What are some highlights? What moments do you not want to have missed? But, don’t overthink. Having even a couple things is fine.

Most importantly, this last step catapults you into the future as if you really lived the way you wanted to live, right?  It will guide you to grab hold of what is most important and throw some realism in there too.

No Excuses

Above all, the clincher is to create space for the things you enjoy and in doing so, reignite what makes you happy.  After all, holding tight to an endless list of things to do and filling up your calendar can squeeze spontaneity out of life.

And, yes I know you’re busy.  I have a whole philosophy about being busy. But, I believe you can reclaim your time and have even thrown in this awesome free download I created to design your 25 hour workweek.  😉 Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Because, bottom line is that shifting your focus to exploration and curiosity will give you a framework for how you ought to spend your time this season.

Now, it’s your turn…..  

Reach out and share with me what you will create for the fall. How to salvage the rest of 2020?  I’ll share with you too. And know that I’m here to support you in any way possible. Let’s do this!

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