Free Online Co-Working Sessions

  • March 16, 2020 - June 3, 2021
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

Online Co-Working Sessions are scheduled:
Every Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 am PST


Back in March, we were faced with uncertainty of how long we would be working from home and social distancing. People were looking for a place to belong and to feel connected. Lighthouse’s online co-working sessions provided the opportunity to feel that connection and we have continued through the months.

Every week, I host an online co-working session on Thursday mornings that are FREE for anyone to join.



These online co-working sessions are intended to alleviate the aloneness, amp up your productivity and hold each other accountable to get stuff done.

Online Co-Working Sessions are scheduled:
Every Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 am PST



We connect via Zoom and here is the link for all sessions.

They are FREE and no RSVP is necessary. Put the weekly day and time in your calendar and join when and if you can.  You can join for the entire session or part of it if your time is limited.

This is a safe, casual and comfortable shared space.  Please SHARE with anyone that might like to join us.

If you want more details, my blog shares exactly what to expect in these sessions and gives instructions on how to log on.  And of course, you can just reach out to me if you have questions.


We will get through this – together!! Looking forward to connecting.


What People are Saying About These Co-Working Sessions

“They say – the teacher / business coach will appear in your life at the ‘right time and place’ and during Covid-19 we have all greatly appreciated Cathy of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies for her kind offer of free online coworking sessions. She has helped us to be inspired, productive and focused to get our work projects done … with FUN!  I’m looking forward to staying connected to her many business coaching programs and retaining the connections and friendships built during these sessions.”


“Thanks to Cathy for creating yet another safe space for people to come together, this time “virtually” so that we could continue momentum in our own personal work. Great support during unprecedented times!”


“The coworking sessions have been a beacon in the storm for me.  They have given me something to look forward to twice a week, a constant in a time of great uncertainty, and friendly faces to brighten my days. I also got a lot of tasks done that I would normally procrastinate on.  Supportive, productive and fun!”

“I really appreciate the amount of work I actually get done… the co-working sessions really make me focus on one activity and bash it out. The productivity is very high for me. Cathy, thank you for committing your time to us and keeping us on point and accountable – and for keeping our spirits up. It has been a wonderful way to connect during these strange times.”


“Thank you for organizing and continuing the co-working sessions for all these months. I definitely find it is an allotted time to avoid distractions and get a ton done. I can’t walk away from something I’m working on so my productivity is full on. It’s also been nice to connect with the other people too.”


“Like most people during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was working from home and finding it challenging to get it all done. I signed up for Cathy’s co-working session and found it provided exactly the accountability and support I needed during this very challenging time. When Cathy offered her “Set Your Intentions” course, I was intrigued. The materials were set out in a way that allowed you to really make it your own. I was able to set goals in several areas of my life and Cathy’s ongoing encouragement and support really helped me to stay the course. I would highly recommend any of the programs and services at Lighthouse Visionary Strategies!”


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