Set Your Intentions

Lighthouse’s most popular workshop is packed with introspective power, specially designed exercises and step-by-step guidance to set intentions for the life you want to lead.

What to Expect

Do you find yourself procrastinating on all those things you really want to achieve?  Do you feel that your life is good but could be better with some clarity and empowerment?   This workshop is designed to get you started and more importantly, to create a plan that will have you actually achieving what you desire.

Brand new this year are two online modules that will suit you whether you have taken the annual workshop previously or if this is your first time.  Packed with introspective power, you will be guided through a reflection process, inspired to lay a foundation and empowered to move toward fulfillment.  You will walk away with:

  • Lighthouse’s 2-page specially designed MISSION MAP to clearly chart your vision, values and goals… as well as other inspirational motivators.
  • A multitude of exercises that will create clarity around your values and the ability to align your goals to live your life authentically.
  • Achievable goals with manageable action plans – no false promises, just simple techniques to move you forward.
  • Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse’s founder as your guide and champion.
  • Commitment… you and what is important to you – your life by design.

Here’s What You Get


This ONLINE session guides you through exercises that will set the foundation for your goals.  Values, self-reflection, vision and the successful habits formula are all part of it. Once you register for the workshop (using the form below), you will receive a link to listen at your convenience.  This online presentation includes detailed, step-by-step instructions and will leave you inspired to design your year.  From there, you will be sent off to do the work (with my follow up and coaching support if you need it) to prepare for Module 2!


The second ONLINE module packs some punch!  This session will land in your in box a few days after you receive Module 1 and it will walk you through my step-by-step goal setting technique and most importantly, have you crafting action plans to create your best year yet!  This is not your typical goal setting — we will carve out your path to achievement!

So step-by-step this is how it works:

  1. Register using the form below
  2. You’ll receive the first module right away in your inbox
  3. Listen to Module 1
  4. Set aside some time to build a foundation to create your best year yet!
  5. A few days later, you’ll receive Module 2 in your inbox
  6. Set your goals and create action plans to achieve them
  7. Use Cathy as your guide and champion – coaching and enthusiasm included!

*If you don’t receive the emails please check your spam folder, add info (at) to your address book, and contact me. 

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