Launch Your Damn Course

Learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into an online course….even if you don’t have a list, audience or a clear idea of what you can teach.  You have it in you!

If you want to make a real impact and profit with your own online course – then it’s time to launch it.

Creating an online course was a goal of mine for a long time but when I explored options out there, it didn’t feel right. A lot of ‘gurus’ with their blueprints and forums without tangible learning techniques. I wondered how that would make my course unique and whether these options would keep me accountable.

That’s why I partnered with Natalie Sisson to deliver the first ever Launch Your Damn Course – a 60 Day Accelerator that we SOLD OUT in days.  From there, it was all about results. Natalie guided our small group to create, build and pre-sell our own online course in 60 days or less. An amazing experience and we did it.  Take a look here to see what I created and you could be next to launch your damn course!


What's Missing from most Courses about Creating Courses?

I’ve already mentioned it but really, there are so many folks selling ‘formulas’ and ‘cookie cutter’ options. Launching courses has become a very competitive space online, not just with individuals like us wanting to create them, but with platforms flooding the market with free or very cheap courses that are often useful, but can undermine the hand-crafted course and pricing. It’s a disservice to the creators who genuinely produce great courses that get results.

For an effective learning environment, you need:

  • constraints (on your time and with deadlines)

  • commitment from both sides – for example blocking in calendar time to do the work

  • accountability – someone checking in on you and your progress to hold you to your word

  • accountability buddies/ partners or groups – a Facebook group is a good start but like-minded people who get and know where you’re at is even more powerful

  • strategic and personalized guidance from a leading learner (ahead of you) or an expert

  • a learning environment that encourages curiosity and a safe space to ask your questions

Most courses simply let you self direct your own learning and expect you to schedule in time to implement and learn on your own.  Natalie’s course contains all those elements above to make sure you learn and implement and GET RESULTS!

That’s why this isn’t just a course, it’s an ACCELERATOR!

How is the ‘Launch Your Damn Course’ 60 Day Accelerator Different?

The above list of what you need for an effective learning environment perfectly sums up what the Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator is going to deliver.

As you work your way through the structure to design and presell your minimum viable course, you will get:

  • Clarity on what you’re creating

  • Answers to questions when you need them

  • Direct coaching, feedback and reviews from me as you progress

  • Dedicated time to learn and implement

  • Strategic short-cuts to help you leap ahead

  • Support and cheerleading for the natural dips and highs

Introducing Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson

First things first – let me introduce you to Natalie and explain why she is the only person I considered to show you the ‘ins and outs’ of creating online courses. Natalie is an entrepreneur, No #1 Bestselling author, speaker, triathlete and lifelong learner – and a friend and colleague of mine. But it is actually watching her fulfill an unwavering mandate that has always inspired me – she is on a mission to show you how to get paid to be YOU!

How? By combining your unique knowledge, skills, experience and passions into profitable revenue streams that complement your portfolio career or business, and are wholly aligned with your values.

A lofty goal that she has achieved by building a six-figure education business The Suitcase Entrepreneur and now today, continuing to turn her skills and talents into multiple revenue streams through her personal brand. As far as online courses – Natalie has designed, created and launched over 30+ courses since 2010 to the tune of US$500K plus in revenue so she knows a thing or two about this process.

And perhaps most importantly to me, she doesn’t do cookie cutter and always goes above and beyond to deliver knowledge, tools and resources to her (and my) audience. You can dig even deeper into Natalie’s successes, right here.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up

Online Micro Learning: We work best with short, sharp bite-sized learning where we can take immediate action.  The course modules are designed to be engaging, effective and quick to implement. You’ll be able to login at anytime and learn at your own pace as the modules are released. These will be available as video, audio and transcripts and come with templates or resources where needed.

Online Group Coaching: Every two weeks we will come together for an intimate live group coaching session on Zoom, where we will check in with each other and you will share your wins and challenges, before deep diving into having Natalie coach you on whatever you need to move forward and launch!

Accountability and Support: You will be cheered, supported and held accountable on this 60 day journey by Natalie and your fellow friends in the Accelerator. This is done in your own private group that you can access from your mobile or desktop to share wins and challenges, ask questions, post updates and receive awesome support, answers, motivation and help 24/7.

Accountability, Action & Mentorship

Lighthouse is all about that – and so is Natalie.  Self-paced learning can leave you feeling behind and overwhelmed. You need a big amount of motivation, productivity and time-management to actually stay on track so the Accelerator will start on and continue until the end of the 60-day period.

This Accelerator will be limited to 15 people maximum so you’ll receive a lot of personal time and attention from Natalie and your buddies.

What's In the Accelerator?

You may be wondering why I jumped into an arena that is saturated?  Well, here’s the thing. When I couldn’t find the right course to learn this, I asked myself if I would be happy just not doing it – the answer was a clear NO.

So I approached Natalie because she is one of the best business educators I’ve ever come across and since she currently charges US$250 per hour for a 1-1 coaching session, this opportunity is huge value.

Your total investment is only US $497 or 12 monthly payments of US $47.

With limited space, you won’t want to wait. If this is for you, you’ll know and I can’t wait to introduce you to Natalie.  Still undecided?  Here is a value rundown for you.

  • Lifetime Access to Launch Your Damn Course (priceless)
  • 4 Foundation Course Modules ($1,000)
  • 4 Fantastic Module Workbooks with actions and exercises ($100)
  • 5 Group 60 minute Coaching Calls ($600)
  • Bonus 1: Weekly Email accountability and coaching feedback ($200)
  • Bonus 2: Live Mindset Kick Off Call to get you out of your own way and set you up for success! ($100)
  • Bonus 3:  Email Promotion Templates ($50)
  • The Online Launch Toolkit with the best free and paid tools you’ll need for your successful launch ($250)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group


The four foundational learning modules are loaded up with Natalie’s in-depth knowledge and her ‘go above and beyond’ reputation. These modules are complemented by the weekly live coaching or co-working calls and the accountability group available 24/7.

Here is a look at the learning modules:


Before you go dreaming up a course you need to understand how to leverage your sweet spot! The intersection between your skills, knowledge and experience that people will actually pay for. Then we can go about understanding who needs what you have to offer, who your ideal customer is and get inside their heads to understand exactly how you can help them and what value they will place on your course.  This is the key stage that so many course creators miss.  Not you though!


Now that you know what you’re going to offer and to who, it’s time to get in front of them so they get to know, like and trust you. It’s important to do this early on, even before you know exactly what your course will entail and when you will launch it. 

Without an audience and a group of people who are already interested in what you have to offer, your launch will be a flop and you’ll only hear crickets when you open to presell.  This module will show you all the ways in which you can reach and enroll your ideal customer. Then it’s up to you to do the work and make it happen!


This is it. The moment you’ve been working towards. This is the stage where you put the pedal to the metal and make sh#t happen. By following the course checklist lessons and using your bonus checklist, you will make sure you feel ready and confident to market and presell your course, not frazzled and overwhelmed (although you can be sure there will definitely be moments when you feel that way – it’s natural). 


Once you start seeing course sales coming in and students enrolling you will no doubt freak out that you haven’t actually created your course yet! But don’t worry it’s all part of the plan. Presell your course first THEN deliver and knock their socks off. This is the part you will do live and Natalie will make sure that you have a plan of attack of exactly how to deliver your course easily and effectively on your pilot run. She did it for the inaugural Launch Your Damn Course last fall that I was part of and she will do it for you!

You’ll also get these awesome BONUSES!

Bonus 1 – Weekly Accountability Email

Bonus 2 – Course Promotion Checklist

Bonus 3 – Email Promotion Templates (These are GOLD! You can build buzz and pique your audience’s interest by using the 5 email templates that Natalie has created.  Just customize them to fit your voice and style then use them in the lead up to your online launch.)