How to Find the Right Coach for You

This is all about how to find the right coach for YOU. If you’re reading this, it is because you are curious and perhaps even committed to investing in your future. And, that is always a good thing! So, what you’ll find here is a process that will guide you through choosing the best coach for your unique needs, personality and situation. Firstly, let’s dive into questions that will get you started. How do you know if hiring a coach is right for you? Moreover, what kind of value do people actually get from working with a coach?  What exactly do coaches do?  Specifically, where do you start to scope out the right fit in a saturated coaching industry? Truly, all good questions. The Saturated Coaching Industry To better understand the exploding coaching industry, Harvard

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12 Best Tips for Working From Home

With the coronavirus pandemic pushing everyone to work remotely, I’m sharing my 12 best tips for working from home.  I’ve been working remotely for years.  And I do like it for the most part.  However, I’ve had to develop good habits to ensure I am happy, healthy and productive. There is tons of information on this topic right now but you might just find some ideas that others haven’t shared.  Be sure to check the BONUS TIPs too.   12 Best Tips for Working from Home So here you go. 12 best tips for working from home to ensure you are productive and healthy in every way. CREATE AND MAINTAIN A WORK SCHEDULE AND REGULAR ROUTINE. The days blur into the evenings when working from home. Therefore, set a schedule of when you will work

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Come Together To Combat Coronavirus Isolation

This blog was updated in July 2020 as we continue to connect online for weekly coworking sessions. Everyone is welcome to join our free sessions. They are amazing! Original Blog Post in March 2020. Yes, we must come together to combat coronavirus isolation. It’s the only way. By now, we hopefully all know the rules and yet, it is new and tricky territory. Self-isolate, quarantine, social distancing. I feel blessed to live in a country that I trust is doing its best to keep us safe and informed. And yet, the rumour mill and media are doing what they do best: creating a frenzy (whether intentional or unintentional doesn’t matter). That is to say, the frenzy can create a panic, fear and detrimental consequences to so many. AVOIDING THE FRENZY With people self-isolating in their

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The Eisenhower Matrix: How To Decide Between Urgent and Important Priorities

The Eisenhower Matrix shows you how to decide between urgent and important priorities. In other words, this concept helps you to fight stress and procrastination so you can work on what’s important. I’ll start by telling you what the Eisenhower Matrix is.  After that, I’ll share how it will be useful with our changing work environments right now. Many businesses and individuals are rightly adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic by working from home. And, people are realizing that it isn’t always easy to stay self-motivated and focused in a solitary work environment. Many have shared with me that they feel a steady stream of pulls on their attention spans. Likewise, all the distractions from easy access to news and social media. However, it is important to have a method to determine what needs to get done

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What You Need to Be a Good Leader

What do you need to be a good leader? The best leaders are full-time learners.  What that means is that the most effective leaders possess intellectual curiosity and a willingness to soak up knowledge from any number of sources: reading, education or the people around them. I’m that oddity that has always loved learning.  I liked school.  And I even liked homework.  That exuberance to learning new things has continued throughout my career. And of course, we learn from others.  Values, Skills & Discipline of Leadership Several years ago, I joined Whistler Forum’s Leadership Sea to Sky cohort to explore the topic of leadership through the lens of culture and mentorship.  Specifically, the theme for that year’s program was the ‘Values, Skills and Discipline of Long-Term Leadership.’ One of our projects was to complete a

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Manage Your Time to Break the Cycle of Busy

Manage Your Time to Break the Cycle of Busy

We all know what it’s like to be busy in today’s fast-paced world but unfortunately, that often means feeling out of control.  To exacerbate the issue, people use being busy as a badge of honor.  We all know those people, right?  In fact, we have probably all been that person.  You know the scenario: You ask someone, “How are you?”  The response: “I’m sooo busy.” When did the word busy become an adjective to describe how you’re doing in life? But words hold power and when we constantly insert ‘busy’ into our language, it essentially puts us into a spin cycle. And we inevitably put the other person in a spin cycle too. Top that off with making yourself a martyr and it creates a toxic environment – both internally and externally. How are you

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Set your Intentions

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