How Would You Rate Your Wellbeing?

Lighthouse’s mentor program has always highlighted a holistic approach to wellbeing. That starts with self-reflection. And, it often means nudging participants to uncover what they want to achieve or what needs to shift in their lives. But, no matter what stage these women are at in their lives – it all comes back to their wellbeing. So, how would you rate your wellbeing? What is Wellbeing? Merriam-Webster defines wellbeing as ‘the state of being happy, healthy or successful’. Specifically, wellbeing is about the combination of many things. Our love for what we do each day. The quality of our relationships. The security of our finances. The vibrancy of our physical health, and the pride we take in what we have contributed to our communities. All those factors provide a holistic road map to living a

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How To Salvage The Rest of 2020

September is my favorite month.  Here in Whistler, it’s often an extension of summer but without the crowds.  😎 🍁 But, nothing is predictable this year, is it? As we head into fall, uncertainty still looms. When will this pandemic end?  How do I manage the times when it feels so heavy? When I am full of worry? It’s not too late though. Here is how to salvage the rest of 2020. A Kick-Ass Strategy to Make Fall 2020 Count In June, I started using a technique to tap into my inner child.  🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️  🤸‍♀️  Wait, what? Stay with me because it’s really quite simple and not nearly as ‘woo-woo’ as it sounds. In fact, I’ve developed variations of this practice over the years, infusing them into both my coaching practice and in Lighthouse’s mentor program with

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10 Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

Just like that, September rolls in and the fall routine is here.  And, let’s start by saying that these 10 tips for Mom Entrepreneurs (and really, any high functioning woman) are not ‘one size fits all’ solutions.  But, they may help break through the overwhelm of managing the competing priorities. The trendy moniker ‘mompreneur’ came into vogue a few years back to describe women that blend business ownership and parenthood with the hope of greater flexibility to juggle their priorities. Okay, insert chuckle here. Because, without implementing strategies to create some buoyancy in life, the results are commonplace. That is to say, women often live their lives feeling scattered and exhausted. You may feel that there is constant chaos between work and personal realms. Or you may want to figure out how to let go

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4 steps to Reset Your 2020 Goals

Life goes on and as we adjust to a new way of being, you can use these 4 steps to reset your 2020 goals. Of course, it’s been an intense year so far but we are now over halfway through.  Remember back to January when we were all making plans for 2020?  In fact, the year started with clever and hopeful idioms that 2020 would be a time of perfect vision. 20/20 vision – get it? In hindsight, it’s a good thing we didn’t know what faced us around the corner. But, here’s the thing.  Certainly, one of the challenges is the sense that our lives are on hold.  That we are lingering in ‘neutral’ and the uncertainty makes it difficult to plan ahead.  Yet, setting goals and planning for the future helps combat a

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How to Stop Worrying

I am full of worry.  Aren’t we all?  After all, we are experiencing what will be one of the most significant periods in our lives – the COVID-19 pandemic. But, I needed to get that under control and here is what I discovered about how to stop worrying. WHAT I WORRY ABOUT First, let me share just some of the things I worry about. I worry about people getting sick.  Both those I know and those I don’t know. And, I worry that people still don’t get it.  That they aren’t doing what is necessary to keep themselves safe, to keep others safe and to get us on the other side of this pandemic. Then there is worry about my personality changing. That I’m too judgmental, losing my willingness to trust, dimming my light. I

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8 Essential Strategies for Your Pandemic Survival

We aren’t even half way through the year and yet, I think we all know what 2020 will be remembered for.  Most certainly, this year will be memorialized as the one where we were all challenged with the immense responsibility to avoid spreading a particularly dangerous virus. I’m sharing 8 essential strategies for your pandemic survival because we all need a dose of inspiration at this point. For some, the demand to stop everything has been a welcome respite from chaotic schedules. For others, it may have been a struggle to manage this state of isolation.  Either way, desperate times call for desperate measures and we all need a pandemic survival guide. HOW PEOPLE ARE ADAPTING There seem to be two camps of people that are using very different coping techniques to make it through

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Set your Intentions

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