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I’ve always found comfort in words.  As a child, I was a voracious reader and had an intuitive inkling that I would always put pen to paper.  That passion only grew.  During my entrepreneurial journey, I had a 14-year stint writing a business column for the Whistler Question newspaper.  After that, I’ve written feature stories for the Pique NewsmagazineMy blogs are also on YOU Inc, Small Business BC and Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Through my writing, I can share my experience as an entrepreneur having built two successful businesses. Starting, growing and selling my first business was a definite career highlight.  After that, as a coach and mentor at Lighthouse, I can blend my stories with those of my clients (confidentially, of course) – the challenges, the hurdles, the victories and everything in between.  What works. What doesn’t work.

So, please enjoy those stories.  On these virtual pages, you will find my blogs on three categories: Work, Wisdom and Wealth.  You can scroll through all of them below or click on the categories to take you directly to topics in that area.  You’ll find subjects that cover everything from strategic planning, working from a home office to grief, financial wellness and being sober curious. My approach to writing is filled with facts, but also wrapped in whimsical theories and frank honesty. 

But, writing is not a solo act because it should inspire ideas and conversation. It’s not lost on me that I often see things differently than others. So, tell me what you think.  Share in the comments or reach out anytime.

Oh and if you’re keen to guest blog, please let me know.  I’m willing to share quality content from experienced writers if it fits with Lighthouse’s messaging and our target audience. Just send me your bio and a sample of your blog and we can connect from there.

Happy reading!

3 questions to reset your 2019 theme

3 Questions to Reset Your 2019 Theme

Are you one of those people that chooses a word or theme to set your intentions for the new year?  I am!  However, setting a word or theme has become a craze over the last few years. And it can be tough. So, here are 3 questions to reset your 2019 theme. First, I usually balk at the mainstream. However, this tradition has been part of my goal setting process for many years and is the main way I reflect on the past, recap where I’m at and set a foundation for my future. Yet, as with New Year’s resolutions – if you don’t check in with yourself, it will likely vaporize as the year goes on.  My theme becomes my mantra and always takes me back to the intention.  If I’m veering away from

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Being Sober Curious Header

Being Sober Curious

FEATURE STORY – Pique Newsmagazine, May 30, 2019 People are re-visiting their relationship with alcohol in a trend that sees lifestyle choices reimagined By Cathy Goddard Jules Taggart started questioning how much she was drinking after she had two children and starting to work from her San Diego home-office. Because it was more difficult to get out, the 38-year-old digital marketing expert fell into a pattern of having wine at the end of her workday. “Every morning I would wake up with a foggy head and say to myself that I wasn’t going to drink that day,” Jules says. “And then five in the afternoon would roll around and I’d pour a glass of wine and keep going until it wasn’t unusual to drink an entire bottle of wine in an evening.” She shared her

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The Rise of the Side Hustle Header

The Rise of the Side Hustle

FEATURE STORY – Pique Newsmagazine, May 31, 2018 Perhaps you’ve heard the adage that the way to fulfil your purpose is by following your passion. Find your bliss. Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. Unfortunately, people are often left disappointed when they fail to secure a job that lights them up. But let’s face it: dream jobs don’t always pay the bills. That’s why a growing trend in the business landscape has emerged: side hustles. In simple terms, a side hustle is a job that brings in extra income and differs from your main employment. And although you might think our little resort town is readily familiar with sideline jobs—after all, the high cost of living here means many are forced into working multiple jobs just to make

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