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I’ve always found comfort in words.  As a child, I was a voracious reader and had an intuitive inkling that I would always put pen to paper.  That passion only grew.  During my entrepreneurial journey, I had a 14-year stint writing a business column for the Whistler Question newspaper.  After that, I’ve written feature stories for the Pique NewsmagazineMy blogs are also on YOU Inc, Small Business BC and Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Through my writing, I can share my experience as an entrepreneur having built two successful businesses. Starting, growing and selling my first business was a definite career highlight.  After that, as a coach and mentor at Lighthouse, I can blend my stories with those of my clients (confidentially, of course) – the challenges, the hurdles, the victories and everything in between.  What works. What doesn’t work.

So, please enjoy those stories.  On these virtual pages, you will find my blogs on three categories: Work, Wisdom and Wealth.  You can scroll through all of them below or click on the categories to take you directly to topics in that area.  You’ll find subjects that cover everything from strategic planning, working from a home office to grief, financial wellness and being sober curious. My approach to writing is filled with facts, but also wrapped in whimsical theories and frank honesty. 

But, writing is not a solo act because it should inspire ideas and conversation. It’s not lost on me that I often see things differently than others. So, tell me what you think.  Share in the comments or reach out anytime.

Oh and if you’re keen to guest blog, please let me know.  I’m willing to share quality content from experienced writers if it fits with Lighthouse’s messaging and our target audience. Just send me your bio and a sample of your blog and we can connect from there.

Happy reading!


Reclaim Your Time and Reduce Overwhelm

That’s right – reclaim your time and reduce overwhelm. Tell me this – are you happy with how you spend your time? Or does a sense of overwhelm regularly dominate your week? Maybe you often feel one step behind because there aren’t enough hours in a day?  How often does the word ‘busy’ seep into your conversations and mindset? You can read about the perils of falling into the trap of ‘busy, busy, busy’ right here.   Overwhelmed Schedule = Underwhelmed Soul One of my fave influencers is Dr. Libby and she asks: “Is your overwhelmed schedule leading you to live your life with an underwhelmed soul? And do you long to change this?” Change doesn’t come easily but I can’t believe that anyone is happy jeopardizing their well-being for a lifestyle of chaos and constant overwhelm. 

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What’s Your Charitable Giving Strategy?

So what’s your charitable giving strategy? After all, we all have the opportunity to create impact in life. And giving back is a big part of how we show kindness and create community. And since kindness and community are two of my core values, I’ve built giving back into what I do at Lighthouse. Because, together we can create change and make an impact. But, there are so many worthwhile causes that pull on both our wallets and our heartstrings. Whether from friends fundraising for meaningful charities, organizations requesting donations or the most recent trend of rallying through go fund me accounts for those in need – it can be overwhelming. So let’s get started on deciding what your charitable giving strategy looks like. The Charitable Bandwagon And that doesn’t even take into consideration the

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Your Ultimate Guide to Saying No

People (okay women mostly) cringe when you offer up an ultimate guide to saying no. And reaction to the coaching course I’m taking has been interesting too.  People are intrigued by my belief that the tools taught in this course are transformational, but hesitation creeps in when I divulge the name of the course – Playing Big.  I get it!  In fact, I wavered at first because at this stage in my career, I’m not keen to reinvent myself and become a rock star. But here’s the thing. You know the woman that is smart and insightful? She oozes confidence and capability. She’s got it together. She can tackle anything. She’s trustworthy and reliable. Well, the way you look at that woman? Someone looks at you that way. In fact, many people do. THE TRUE

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My 2020 Theme Impact

What’s Your 2020 Theme?

The new year hits hard and fast, doesn’t it?  Even so, I love the feel of January. It’s like starting a new book with endless plot possibilities.  The reality is that life gets faster all the time.  We always want to be moving forward.  Never stagnant.  But one of the most valuable planning tools to determine what you want to create and where you want to put your energy is to hit pause and reflect.  In looking back, you can celebrate your successes, ponder what didn’t work so well and then set the stage to move forward. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, here are three questions to kickstart that reflection process for you. What did you accomplish in 2019? What didn’t work so well and why?  Bonus tip: this isn’t negative but rather, a sign

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Set your 2020 Goals

3 Easy Steps to Set Your 2020 Goals

Setting goals is a hot trend.  And not setting goals is a hot trend.  No matter whether you follow the mainstream adages or not, there is no denying that it’s a good feeling to start the new year with a clean slate and some direction of what you want to achieve. But for all the good intentions, New Year’s resolutions often fall flat with very few people actually achieving goals set at this time of year. In fact, a Forbes article claimed that University of Scranton research suggests just eight per cent of people achieve their New Year’s goals. One problem is that people succumb to pressure to kick off lofty goals on January 1 and therefore, those objectives are often not grounded in reality. We are a society compelled to achieve more and more but it’s

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Manage Your Time to Break the Cycle of Busy

Manage Your Time to Break the Cycle of Busy

We all know what it’s like to be busy in today’s fast-paced world but unfortunately, that often means feeling out of control.  To exacerbate the issue, people use being busy as a badge of honor.  We all know those people, right?  In fact, we have probably all been that person.  You know the scenario: You ask someone, “How are you?”  The response: “I’m sooo busy.” When did the word busy become an adjective to describe how you’re doing in life? But words hold power and when we constantly insert ‘busy’ into our language, it essentially puts us into a spin cycle. And we inevitably put the other person in a spin cycle too. Top that off with making yourself a martyr and it creates a toxic environment – both internally and externally. How are you

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Set your Intentions

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