Cathy Goddard

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Cathy Goddard is an entrepreneur, connector, collaborator and champion of leaders and learners. You can follow her career on LinkedIn too, but here is a brief bio.
As the Founder of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, she offers a unique blend of customized one-on-one coaching and innovative online programs.
Cathy believes that happiness, peace and satisfaction are attainable when you align a plan with your unique circumstances.
She built a successful employment agency that she sold in 2008. And then came Lighthouse. She delivers a powerful paradigm of knowledge sharing, networking, connections and accountability. So that means you can design the life and business you deserve.
Cathy writes Lighthouse’s blog and has been a contributor to other publications such as:  Pique Newsmagazine, Arlene Dickinson’s YOU Inc, Small Business BC, Mentorship BC, and Women’s Enterprise Centre She was also a long-standing columnist for the Whistler Question newspaper.
Her volunteer work includes serving on the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Board. Past Board roles have been with Zero Ceiling SocietyWhistler Community Services Society and as Women of Whistler Chair. Cathy was also a facilitator for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
Other than that, she is a life lover, happy wife and community passionista living in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia.