3 Questions to Reset Your 2019 Theme

3 questions to reset your 2019 theme

Are you one of those people that chooses a word or theme to set your intentions for the new year?  I am!  However, setting a word or theme has become a craze over the last few years. And it can be tough. So here are 3 questions to reset your 2019 theme.

First, I usually balk at the mainstream. However, this tradition has been part of my goal setting process for many years and is the main way I reflect on the past, recap where I’m at and set a foundation for my future.

Yet, as with New Year’s resolutions – if you don’t check in with yourself, it will likely vaporize as the year goes on.  My theme becomes my mantra and always takes me back to the intention.  If I’m veering away from it, I hit reset.

Here are 3 Questions to Reset Your 2019 theme

As we roll into the last quarter of 2019, it’s perfect timing to do a quick review and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How has my 2019 word or theme supported me to live the life I want to live?
  2. What events, thoughts, people have taken me away from living my 2019 word or theme?
  3. What can I do to reset my actions to live my word or theme and finish 2019 strong?

My 2019 Theme

My 2019 theme is Light and Free.  I share my purpose for choosing this theme in my blog and also offer up tips and inspiration to set your own.

For the most part, I have managed to live my theme of ‘light and free’ in spite of some big hurdles thrown at me.  In fact, I’ve been quite grateful to revert back to it to manage worry and sadness.  It has kept me grounded and focused on finding things that soothe my soul.  And that meant adding in some new things to my life’s repertoire.

How I Managed To Live My Theme

I’m sharing brief answers to the 3 questions to give you an idea of how it helps to take stock. I don’t love the fad of oversharing so I haven’t given huge detail here.  However, I write a more detailed debrief in my private journal as part of my process. So here goes.

How has my 2019 word or theme supported me to live the life I want to live?

My mantra of ‘light and free’ made all the difference.  My blog outlines the purpose of choosing this theme and I was able to stay true to that purpose: my body is healing and I’m more hopeful that I will be injury-free (through healthy choices, myofascial release word and even meditation… a little bit of it anyway); I’ve let go of worry and took chances without concern about what others think; I have been more spontaneous joining my hubby on his business trips. And, I’ve tackled exciting work projects that feel right for me at this time and made decisions that will transform my career; I’ve given up justifying and explaining; I’ve set boundaries with people.

What events, thoughts, people have taken me away from living my 2019 word or theme?

Above all else, the death of my sweet pup, some serious family health struggles, husband being away a lot (especially with Ricky Dog gone), ongoing post-injury struggles and feeling that I’ll never be 100%, taking on a couple projects that I said no to – and then buckled.  And taking on an unexpected, huge amount of work with rebrand, new website, client load. Feeling let down by some people. Getting caught up in the rhetoric of others.  Caveat here — most of the above was unavoidable and ‘light and free’ helped immensely to heal my heart, contain my sadness and to avoid sinking to a darker place.

What can I do to reset my actions to live my word or theme and finish 2019 strong?

Continue on my physical healing journey with myofascial release and do the work outside of that therapy to amp it up.  Reset my emotional healing journey — make space to honour Ricky Dog in this new stage of grief.  Firstly, that means walking and accept that my favorite autumn walks will be tough without Ricky but try.  Secondly, take time to celebrate what I’ve achieved with my business in 2019. At the same time, create new processes and systems to manage all that while taking on some new lofty goals into 2020. And still more travel on the books so plan our trips!  Support hubby in his career path.  Continue creating lovely home décor projects that make us both happy.  Say no to everything else.

Is It Time to Reset Your 2019 (or 2020) Theme?

Now it’s your turn – pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and work through the 3 questions to reset your 2019 theme.  You deserve 30 minutes to review, celebrate and reset.

If you’re keen for a kick-start, here are two blogs to inspire you:

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To sum it up, I’d love to hear from you. TELL ME:  What is your 2019 (or 2020 if you’re reading this later) theme and what one thing can you reset to finish the year strong?

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